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Habits Then Habitat

10-Day Challenge To Instantly Increase Your Success Rate! 

Why Habits, then Habitat?

I have worked in the outdoor industry for over a decade and hunted my entire life. While there is no argument that great habitat is very beneficial, even the best properties can have their potential ruined by bad hunting habits. Personally, my level of success increased dramatically when I took a step back to look at how I was doing things. My habits were inherited  generation ahead of me (but they were rarely successful). 

If we take a closer look at our actions and consequences as they relate to deer hunting, we can change our habits instantly... whereas habitat improvement takes time to complete and develop. 

Don't waste another season making excuses- get started TODAY! Purchase a copy of my Annual Success Planner and follow along with the 10-Day Challenge on Youtube, and I promise you that you will be more successful this year and many years to come. 

With your planner purchase, you will be entered to win an ULTIMATE HUNTING PLOT bundle ($6,000+ value). So not only can you improve your odds this season, but you have a great chance at winning an amazing habitat improvement package to increase your odds for many years to come! More details are below.

Whitetail Ambition Planner
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Join the Challenge For a Chance to Win! 

The ultimate hunting plot bundle Ad Sheet

Bundle Details

> Orion box blind

       - 8 sided insulated blind

       - 10 ft steel tower

       *Primary stand location (#1 on map)

> Wildlife Tree and Shrub Packages

 from Morse Nursery

       - Untamed Edge Package

          (10 trees, 10 shrubs, 20 survival kits)

       - Big Buck Package

          (8 Chestnuts, 4 Persimmon, 12 kits)

      (Shown on map in pink, purple, white)

       - Blind Hider Bundle

          (conifers to hide the blind and

           create thermal bedding cover,

           shown as green dots on map).

>Plot and Access Screening

       - Switchgrass, perennial

         (salmon color on map) 


>1 Acre worth of Food Plot

       - 1/2 acre clover corridor (dark green)

       - 1/2 acre fall food plot (bright green)

       - Warm season and cool season   

       cover crops included. 

       - Soil sampling

> 1 hour Virtual Consultation

       - discuss design/layout

       - discuss installation/timeline

> Delivery included

**Installation Help Available

Ultimate Hunting Plot snapshot

The ULTIMATE HUNTING PLOT bundle is a high value package that can create or upgrade any hunting property. It is designed to create both food and cover for wildlife, so they are comfortable and secure, while creating access and comfort for hunters, so they can keep pressure off the property and spend more time on stand! 

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