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Consultant &
Project Manager

Our regional consultants specialize in local vegetation, wildlife and soil types. They objectively analyze properties looking for current and potential problems that are holding the property back from maximum abundance! They are backed by a team of experts to help put together a habitat improvement  plan and timeline, along with a long term management routine. 

Once a plan is complete, the project manager hat goes on and we help execute the plan by working with our regional land managers and land service professionals. 

Immediate Openings:

Western Iowa

Central Illinois

*Anywhere there is land, there is demand (we will work with you to find clients)



Job Type:

Full-Time, Part-time, Contracted

Job Description

If you are passionate about promoting a healthy environment, enjoy working with people in the outdoors and want to join a team of dedicated problem-solvers, then this is your calling! The Untamed Ambition, a privately owned habitat development company, is hiring regional managers to consult, plan, and coordinate habitat and land management projects with a wide range of customers. This position is contract-based, so you are able to dictate how many projects you want to take on and how far you are willing to travel.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Communicate and coordinate with clients.

  • Objectively analyze habitat and ecosystems with a solution minded approach.

  • Plan and track project timelines and expenses.

  • Coordinate subcontractor activities.

  • Maintain project schedule.

  • Attend weekly (virtual) meetings. 

  • Promote sustainable, conservation minded management practices. 

  • Other duties as needed.

Qualified Candidates Possess: 

  • 5 years of habitat or land management experience

  • Basic computer skills

  • Written and verbal communication skills

  • Basic sales experience

  • A willingness to learn, and continue learning

  • Great problem-solving skills

  • Attention to detail

  • Great work ethic

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