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Land Plans for Hunting

Hunting mature whitetails are very different from hunting deer in general. There are a lot of details to go over and the information can be overwhelming. Because of that, I do not believe in standard "one-and-done" consultations with my land plans.

Instead, I follow a very simple 3 step process to ensure that my clients get the most from my service and are not left with unanswered questions. These steps are outlined below.

Step #1:

Getting Started

The whole process starts with a free conversation to discuss your current situation and how I can help you.  We will discuss your goals and expectations, your timeline and budget for potential improvements, and the size and location of the property. At that point, we can discuss pricing (based on the property size and location) and set a date for an on-site visit.

Don't waste another season.

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Scouting Example 2.jpg

Step #2:

What we know, and
what we need to know

The second step of the process starts with some optional homework. I will send you information for a mapping exercise that will help us both visualize your current situation using online mapping software (free OnX membership included if you do not already have one). This simple exercise not only helps bring me up to speed on your current situation but also warms you up for potential questions or concerns that you might want to address during the on-site visit. The goal is to look at everything you already know and start looking for potential areas of improvement, then put a scouting plan together to confirm current information and add to it.

Then comes the on-site visit. We will walk your property together, during which time I will explain everything as I see it in regard to the mature buck activity and potential.

We will discuss bedding areas, food plots, travel corridors, stand locations and access, and my 4 key concepts of mature buck hunting.

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Scouting Example Photomap

Step #3:
Plan for Success

Scouting locations main map

After we have walked the property, I will put together my report on current conditions and create a plan to improve your property and overall hunting experience. 

My plans are based on your goals, budget, and level of ambition. I keep them realistic and affordable to ensure that you are able to implement them on your current budget.

The final report/plan is written out and given to you in digital format. It will include maps, pictures and detailed explanations that you can refer to down the road. Larger properties are broken down into smaller maps to ensure there is enough detail. 

My reports include (but are not limited to):

                        - Timber Stand Improvement

                        - Bedding Area Establishment/Improvement

                        - Travel Corridor Establishment/Improvement

                        - Stand Location Pressure Audit

                        - Access/Exit Routes

                        - Food Plot Design and Planting Summary

                        - Switchgrass/NWG Locations

                        - Water Hole Locations

                        - Trail Camera Locations/Setups

                        - Tree and Shrub Planting Locations

                        - State and Federal Incentive Possibilities

                        - Timeline of Plan Execution

Once my report/plan has been put together, I will send it to you and for review prior to a virtual meeting which will address any additional questions or concerns, generally 7-10 days after the on-site visit. 

Turning your land into a WORLD CLASS whitetail property is one phone call away... Call TODAY! 

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