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HabItat Supplies

Protect. Promote. Provide.

Whether you want to see more song birds in your backyard, or increase hunting opportunities on a recreational property, you can attract and support local wildlife by planting highly beneficial Annual and Perennial Food Sources, From Soil-Saving Food Plots to diverse trees and shrubs!

Hunting scene potential in the forest

Why Habitat?

They say the two best times to plant a tree were 20 years ago and today.  I say, create an annual routine to plant trees, shrubs, or native plants every year. The future of our planet is directly related to the natural world, and we all play a part

in that. My commitment to creating and improving habitat comes from years of research in a situation where habitat was steadily reduced, and with it, the wildlife that called it home. 


Through my hunting adventures and consulting experiences, I have observed the same issue throughout the country.

I want to slow the rate of and reverse habitat loss, but I cannot do that alone! 

Wildlife Food Plots

Trees and Shrubs

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In my quest to deliver top end products and quality information to my clients, customers, and friends, I have partnered with Morse Nursery out of Michigan. Morse Nursery is well established and known for genetically selecting trees and shrubs that are resilient and highly attractive to wildlife. 

*Important Order Information*

Planting a tree or shrub should not be viewed as a “one-and-done” task if you want to have a high survival rate. You are far better off planting a lower number of trees and taking care of them, than planting a high number of trees and letting “luck” decide their fate. At the very least, you need to protect young trees and shrubs from deer, rabbits, mice, or possibly cattle and reduce surrounding vegetative competition. These trees are designed to attract wildlife, but need time to establish themselves. For more information on tree/shrub selection, site selection and preparation, and steps to ensure a productive life for your trees and shrubs, please follow me online or contact me directly.

Protect your Investment

*The addition of a Tree or Shrub Survival Kit puts a 1 Year Guarantee on your plant.

Tree and Shrub Packages

Pre-Selected Habitat Bundles

Fruit and Nut Trees

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