HabItat Supplies

Protect. Improve. Create.

Whether you want to see more song birds in your backyard, or increase hunting opportunities on a recreational property, you can attract and support local wildlife by planting highly beneficial Annual and Perennial Food Sources, From Soil-Saving Food Plots to diverse trees and shrubs!


Why Habitat?

They say the two best times to plant a tree was 20 years ago and today.  I say, create an annual routine to plant trees, shrubs or native plants every year. The future of our planet is directly related to the natural world, and we all play a part in that. My commitment to creating and improving habitat comes from years of research in a situation where habitat was steadily reduced, and with it, the wildlife that called it home. Through my hunting adventures and consulting experiences, I have observed the same issue throughout the country. I want to slow the rate of, and reverse the habitat loss, but I cannot do that alone! 

Food Plots

Attract more wildlife to your property by providing the most nutritious food sources you can. Be it big bucks, birds, butterflies or bees, these custom seed blends from Green Cover Seed are designed to give back and build the healthiest soil you possible. Healthy soil means NO INPUTS, and maximum nutrition for your deer and local wildlife. Healthy soil means a HEALTHY PLANET, and HEALTHY HUNTING to feed your family the cleanest food possible. 

Green Cover Seed is a pioneer company in cover crops and soil health awareness that has worked with Dr.Grant Woods to create wildlife specific food plot blends that are designed for no-till and limited to no herbicide applications. 

Our friends at Rooted Land Management have partnered with Green Cover to produce blends maximized for the upper mid-west's cool start and finish to the growing season. 

*Please Note, for the best pricing and freshest supply, seed is stocked in limited quantities, so please ordered ahead of time. Seed may be picked up in LaCrosse, WI. Local delivery available.

Seed is sold in 25 lb increments, but may be picked up or delivered in 25 or 50 lb bags. 

Please contact for questions or quotes on larger orders.