Tools for your Success

Recommended & Trusted

I don't like to push products, but I will make recommendations based on my own experiences and those of my clients. Below are some of the products that I trust down to the moment of true. Since I strive to bring as much value to my services as possible, the below products can be ordered directly through me and delivered for free during any follow-up consultation. Orders over $3,000 will drop the follow-up fee by 50%. Orders over $8,000 (or the purchase of any 2 box blinds) will include a free follow-up consultation. 

Box Blinds

The prices list below are the cost of the blinds, with stands, delivered and installed on your property. Every blind purchase comes with a free 30 minute virtual consultation to discuss placement of the blind, access to it, and details on hunting that location. Order 2 or more blinds and receive a free on-site food plot analysis, including soil sampling and consultation of food plot architecture, seed selection and food source stand placement ($595 value).