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12 trees total, bearing the most sought after wildlife fruits in the form of both nutrient packed hard mass and super sweet soft mass. The genetics of these trees have been carefully selected and hybridized to produce fast growing, quick to bear trees (5 years). When planted in strategic locations, the trees not only thrive, but they condition deer to move.

Consistent daytime deer movement on your property is a direct result of two elements that are well within your control: Food and Pressure. You can keep the pressure low with a good hunting plan, and now you can control the drop times of the two most sought after fruit and nut trees: Chestnut and Persimmon!

 The American Chestnut was once extremely prevalent throughout the country, but was nearly wiped out by an exotic blight. Remaining trees were cross-pollinated with blight resistant trees to produce hybrid strains. The trees in this package were specifically selected for the time of year that they drop their fruit and nuts. By planting trees with specific drop times, you can start conditioning bucks to seek out these tasty, highly nutritious snacks while they are still sticking tight to bedding arounds in the early season, and slowly walk them out into your stand locations as the fall progresses.


Price includes shipping of $3.50 per plant and $1.50 per tree survival kit. 

Big Buck Conditioning Pack

  •  8 American Hybrid Chestnuts 

    • 2 “August Drop”, 2 “September Drop”, 2 “October Drop”, 2 “November Drop” 

    4 Female, Self Pollinating Persimmons

    • 2 Candy Persimmon “October Drop”, 2 Magnet Persimmon “November Drop”

    12 Tree Survival Kits with 1 Year Guarantee : 60” Vented/UV Protected Nut Pro Tube, Reusable Cable Ties, Nutra Pro 1-2 year slow release fertilizer, 3’x3’ Weed Mat with stakes, Birdnet, Mycorrhizal dip.  **Ground Support Stakes are not included.

  • Safe to plant in Zones 4B and above (warmer climates)

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