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Do you CARE about nature and enjoy spending time outdoors? Do you want to work with land owners to improve the environment, food security and sustainable wildlife populations?  Do you want to make a real difference in the world? 

You are in luck! We are the "front line" of conservation and we are building a team of passionate individuals to help landowners do their part to ensure a healthy planet for both humans and wildlife! 

Whether you are experienced in habitat improvement and land management, or just getting into it, we are hiring all skill levels and training to the highest standard in the industry. Additionally, we are building networks of trusted land service professionals to help service our current and future clients in the most efficient way possible. Please submit a contact form to start the process and join our network! 


Job Openings!

Habitat Consultant & Project Manager

Our regional consultants specialize in local vegetation, wildlife and soil types. They objectively analyze properties looking for current and potential problems that are holding the property back from maximum abundance! They are backed by a team of experts to help put together a habitat improvement  plan and timeline, along with a long term management routine. 

Once a plan is complete, the project manager hat goes on and we help execute the plan by working with our regional land managers and land service professionals. 

Regional Land Manager

Our regional land managers are experts in property improvement and maintenance. Annual work includes everything from wildlife food plots to timber stand improvement and everything in between. 

Because we build teams, land managers can be part or full time, and only take on tasks that they are capable and comfortable with.  If you are just getting into this field of work, this is a great place to get started!  

Land Service Professionals

From loggers to landscapers and everyone in between! We are building a network of land service professionals to better service our clients. 

Once you are approved and added to our list, you will become our local "go-to" for any related need. The best part for you, is we take care of all the backend work and planning. You simple show up to complete the job and get paid! 

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