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5 Steps to 
sustainable success 


  • Property Breakdown w/ the 4 Key Elements

  • Scouting Report and Analysis of Current Conditions

  • Detailed Digital Map

  • Food Plots: locations, structure, contents and how to.

  • Bedding Areas: locations, structure, management, and how to.

  • Travel Corridors and Pinch Points

  • Stand Locations and Access/Exit Routes

  • Stand Location Pressure Audit

  • Camera Locations and Strategies

  • Limited Resource Suggestions: Water holes, Fruit and Nut Trees, Etc

  • Suggested Tree & Shrub List

  • 5 Year Execution Timeline

  • Long Term Management Plan

  • Income Opportunities

  • Exclusive Product Offers

On-Site & Virtual Analysis

The Process Is Simple,
But Effective

Step 1)  Submit a contact form to tell us more about your situation. We will call you back to discuss your goals, set pricing and pick a date for service.

Step 2)  You will be set-up with a homework exercise to start mapping the things that you already know, then we will either meet virtually (Zoom call) of on-site to collect the remaining information needed.

Step 3)  After we have all the details, we will put together a detailed report and plan, including a digital GPS map of the plan layout.

Do you want to improve your situation? Speed up the learning curve of hunting mature bucks? Make more money off your land, but also improve your hunting experience? Improve your hunting while improving the environment. Then you need an experienced-based PLAN! We provide options and education for every budget, from an On-Line Self-Help Class (coming soon) to Virtual and On-Site Consultations that will help you create your own Habitat & Hunting Improvement Plan.  

Not sure what level of service you need? Compare the options below:

A different
Kind of Consulting

We consult on habitat and current conditions, objectively analyzing your situation to identify strong and weak points in pursuit of a sustainable, productive system. Then we put our coaching hat on and put together a game plan to manage and hunt your property. 

We do not believe in "one-and-done" consultations. Instead, we have a process that helps us get to know your situation and long term management goals. We won't settle until you have a clear, concise, and confident plan to move forward. We strive for quality, not quantity. 

Land Management

Land owners throughout the country are protecting and promoting native habitat for ALL wildlife, with strategic design that produces BIG mature bucks and amazing hunting opportunities. When managed holistically, these properties also provide sustainable financial and food security. That is how we transform a mediocre hunting land into a true LEGACY property.

Thomas Misna coaching another hunter
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