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Habitat & Hunting Improvement

Introduction to the program

Introduction to the program

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5 StepS
to Sustainable Success! 

Habitat improvements and consistent hunting success are complex topics, but our process breaks everything down to a simplified, yet highly effective approach to creating a custom plan and hunting strategy that fits your goals, timeline and budget.

This process can be executed 100% DYI through an online course, or with varying levels of assistance from our experienced coaches and well educated consultants. We are backed by a team of biologists, agronomists, and experienced hunters! 

Workbooks and Planners


Step 1 lays out the "The Foundation of Success" for the whole program. There is no "quick" or "easy" when it comes to conservation, but we can simplify and create a confident plan!

Get started today, completely free! You can decide if you want to DIY or get assistance along the way! 



Step #2 is all about information collection. We scout in 3 layers, digging deep into your situation to analyze the potential from multiple perspectives, starting with a Postseason Debrief, then Map Scouting, and finally Boots on the Ground Scouting. 

This step can be 100% DIY, with guidance and scouting plans laid out in the online program, or with assistance from one of our certified coaches either onsite or virtually.  



This is when we layout your property so that it hunts the best, without sacrificing quality of habitat or overall value.

Strategically placed foods plots, fruit trees, water holes, and more, combined with well managed native habitat to create as much attraction as possible, while implementing a hunting strategy and design to keep pressure out. This will create the most and highest quality hunting opportunities.

Screen Shot 2021-07-22 at 4.18.32 PM.png


Step #4 is where we create YOUR custom plan. By building out your project list and breaking it down to fit your budget and timeline, we can create a clear and confident road map to your success.

We start with the "macro" improvements, or bigger projects, then address the low hanging fruits and projects with the most return on your time and money investments, then move onto the fine-tuning "micro" adjustments. 


We will also discuss and help you navigate different cost share and grant programs to help reduce or eliminate your habitat improvement expenses!

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Step #5 is where we give you the rest of the tools you need to execute your specific project list and manage your improvements going forward.


We will cover various management techniques for different habitat types and food sources, and help you apply them to your situation. 

If you don't already have one, we will help you recruit a team to help with your long term habitat management.

Turn your land into a legacy! 


A different Kind of Consulting

We consult on habitat and current conditions, objectively analyzing your situation to identify strong and weak points in pursuit of a sustainable, productive system. Then we put our coaching hat on and put together a game plan to manage and hunt your property. 

We do not believe in "one-and-done" consultations. Instead, we have a process that helps us get to know your situation and long term management goals. We won't settle until you have a clear, concise, and confident plan to move forward.

We strive for quality, not quantity. 

Thomas Misna coaching another hunter

Holistic Land Management

Land owners throughout the country are protecting and promoting native habitat for ALL wildlife, with strategic design that produces BIG mature bucks and amazing hunting opportunities. When managed holistically, these properties also provide sustainable financial and food security.

That is how we transform a mediocre hunting land into a true LEGACY property!  

White Tail Ambition Planner Cover

Annual Success Planner Tutorial

Watch the video for a detailed walk through on the design and function of the planner. 

(This will redirect you to YouTube. Please subscribe there for updates!) 

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