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Nutrition = Attraction

Deer and other wildlife are not attracted to aesthetics, they are attracted to habitat that provides

what they need: Food + Cover.

When it comes to food, it's all about nutrition and diversity and it all starts with the soil!


Healthy Soil

It all starts with the soil biology. There are more living organisms within the top 2 inches of soil than the rest of the planet combined! These organisms are incredibly diverse, and when taken care of they provide EVERYTHING plants and animals need to thrive. The key to a healthy planet and everything on it is the soil!

Healthy Plants

Healthy Plants

Just like the soil biology, plant biology is (or should be) very diverse. Monocultures are not natural; they negatively impact soil health and flat out cost more to produce. The more diversity within an ecosystem, the healthier and more sustainable it becomes. Our food plot systems are the most diverse on the market!

Healthy Animals

Healthy Animals

The key to BIG BUCKS is nutrition (along with age & genetics). That nutrition comes from healthy, diverse ecosystems made up of biologically active soils, diverse food options and animals capable of recycling and providing nutrients throughout the year. Healthy soil provides nutrition, and nutrition equals attraction!

For the best food plot seed and fertility Products:

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Test Your Soil

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Food icon as one of four elements of deer hunting

6 Principles of Soil Health

  1. Know Your Context

  2. Keep Soil Covered

  3. Minimize Soil Disturbance

  4. Increase Diversity

  5. Continuous Living Roots/Plants

  6. Animal Integration


We employ the most sustainable planting methods, and create the most attractive food plots. Best part, we can do it with nearly zero inputs other than seed! 

Consistent chemical use has been proven to wreak havoc on natural systems, this is backed by science and research. Additionally, GMO crops (engineered for chemical resistance) are 40% less nutritious than Non-GMO crops. 

All of our food plot routines are designed to be chemical free, so you not only save money and time, but save your health too.

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Maximize Your Food Plots!

Add a water source to your food plot, travel corridor or
backyard wildlife habitat! 

Maximize Your Food Plots!

Increase diversity and productive solar-surface area with perennial tree and shrub crops! 

Not sure where to start?

Book a virtual  consultation!

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