Land Management: short and long term service and support

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Long Term Project Management

Short Term Project Management

Food Source/Habitat Consultation

Seed Selection and Sales

Soil Sampling

Planting, with No-Till Drill


Fertilizer/Lime Spreading

Forestry Mulching/Site Prep

Trail and Plot Establishment/Maintenance

Switchgrass Planting

Box Blind/Tree Stand Installs & Relocation

Tree/Shrub Planting

Fruit Tree Pruning

Hinge Cutting

Forest Stand Improvement

Water Hole Installation

Invasive Species Removal

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   We charge an hourly rate, so we can handle both big and small projects. For standard services, there is a base rate of $80/hour for man and machine while on-site. $100/hr for no-till drilling. 

   Rather than a minimum acreage fee, there is a trip charge of $1.50/mile of road-trip travel from Necedah or LaCrosse, WI (depending on service). *Multiple clients may be booked on one trip, so contact us to be added to the schedule and SAVE money!

Please contact for details on long or short term management rates.

Food icon as one of four elements of deer hunting
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No-Till Planting?

 Well... it's more efficient, better for the soil and if it doesn't rain, your seed will still germinate! For those reasons and many more, we no-till as much as possible. Our programs have proven to reduce inputs and increase the amount of nutrition your deer are consuming on the plots, which means less money and bigger, healthier bucks! 


What to
and When?

   There are a lot of "magic beans" out there... some are good, some are great. With over 60 years of combined food plotting and farming experience, we have the knowledge to help you filter through marketing campaigns and sales pitches. 

   Beyond the work we do, to create the most attractive food source around, we want to take a look at the surrounding area and key in on limited resources. Along with that, we will look at local deer density and soil conditions, as well as when you plan to do the most hunting. 

Even if you're unsure about hiring us to do the work, we can work with you to help you create and execute a successful plan on your own.

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Where to
and Why?

There is more to food plotting than just planting seed. In fact, if your hunting plots are in the wrong location, they can hurt your property more than they help. 


If you are looking to improve the overall  attractiveness and hunt-ability of your property, while improve your success rate, let's talk!  We offer a range of consulting  and coaching services that revolve around consistently harvesting mature bucks, and making the most out of any situation.