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Earth ponds are a great to add attraction to any food plot, travel corridor or backyard! 


Constructed of heavy-duty fiber glass and infused with dirt and other natural minerals straight from the Earth, you’ll be able to attract more wildlife than ever. With tapered sides and a textured surface, the ponds are incredibly easy to install, self-fill with rain, and allow animals to safely step in and out of them without risk of injury or death (no more adding a branch to prevent rodent soup). 


On top of all that, the ponds blend into the environment, so deer and other wildlife accept and start using the ponds almost immediately. They are also a great way to to create a water hole without encouraging the spread of EHD, which is conducive with mud, where the disease spreading flies lay their eggs.

Earth Pond

  • Mineral Pond 42" x 42" x 10" 50 lb Cap
    Medium Pond 47" x 47" x 10" 50 Gallons
    Large Pond 74” x  47”  x  10” 80 Gallons
    X-Large Pond 92" x 47" x 10" 120 Gallons
    Mega Pond 95″ x  94″ x 13″ 250 Gallons




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