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Start your food plots and/or tree plantings off right, with a complete soil health analysis. Unlike a "conventional" soil test, which only tells you what types of synthetic inputs are required to produce a yield full of empty calories, our soil health analysis will tell you what your soil biology needs to thrive and produce the most nutrient-dense crop possible.


We work with the team of scientists and agronomists at Ward labs, a leader in the soil health movement.


Directions: Simply download and print the Soil Health Submission Form, collect and label a sample, then fill out the applicable information on the form. Use a shovel or soil probe to collect samples from the top down to 7", from multiple locations throughout the plot or planting area. Mix samples together and keep approximately 1 quart of soil per sample for submission. You can store and send the sample in a zip-lock bag. *Larger fields may required more than one sample submission.

Send the sample(s) to the address on the form, and within 5 business days we will pass the results onto you along with our reccomended soil ammendments and/or planting reccomendations.



Soil Health Analysis

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