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Seckel Pear 1 yr old, grafted, 1-2' potted:

A personal favorite Pear to eat! These Pears are in the desert category with intense Pear flavor but fruit is smaller in size as you can see. These fit into your shirt pocket perfectly on your way to your favorite tree stand.  Good pollinator for other Pear trees like our Hybrid Pear. Our trees ripen around  September/October just in time for bow season. Note: Grafted Selection recommended if purchasing for human consumption as the taste can’t be relied upon from seedlings. Grafted Selections will also fruit 1-2 years sooner than non-grafted trees (seedlings.)


Price includes shipping of $3.50 per plant. 

Seckel Pear

  • 4-8

  • Rootstock: None or If Grafted Old Homesead 97 or Harbin
    Specialization: Self Pollinating-Dessert Quality
    Growth Rate: Fast
    Crop Abundance: Average
    Can Produce In: 3-5 Years

    Soil Type: Wide Range

    Soil Moisture: Well drained to Dry.

    Height at Maturity: 15-20′

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