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Hybrid Pear 2 yr old, 2-4' potted:

Possibly the best soft mast fruit tree for deer that we grow. Our parent tree started producing in it’s 3rd year and produced over 200 pounds of fruit as a 5 year old tree! This Pear is crossed with a variety of pears specifically for attracting wildlife. Size and shapes vary from tree to tree with fruit size from 1 to 3 inches in size and round much like a crabapple. Fruit doesn’t ripen all at the same time with fruit dropping in October, November and December, which is a great characteristic for wildlife. Because of this varied drop time over 3 months the deer check this tree everyday. Fruit is tart, high in fiber, eaten by whitetails, turkeys and makes good jam or wine. This hybrid is our fastest growing fruit tree often reaching 6-8 feet in two years! Additionally, these fruit trees are easy to establish. Pear trees are a great alternative to apple trees when wet soils or whitetail browse makes it impossible to establish apple trees.


Price includes shipping of $3.50 per plant. 

Hybrid Pear

  • 4-8

  • Rootstock: None or If Grafted Old Homesead 97
    Specialization: Self Pollinating-Variable fruit drop
    Growth Rate: Fast
    Crop Abundance: Heavy
    Can Produce In: 3-5 Years

    Soil Type: Wide Range

    Soil Moisture: Well drained to Dry.

    Height at Maturity: 15-25′

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