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Education and Coaching Programs

The Whitetail Ambition series of programs is dedicated to helping you become a better whitetail hunter.  When it comes to information on mature whitetails, there isn't much that hasn't been said before, but the delivery of that information often leaves a lot to be desired.  This program breaks down my personal thought process and goes deep into detail on the elements that dictate those decisions... spoiler alert: they are the same elements that dictate the decisions mature bucks are making. 

In parallel with my online course and coaching programs, is my "Annual Success Planner". This planner is both a workbook and your own personal playbook. It will help keep you organized and focused on your whitetail related goals, while giving you the tools you need to be a more efficient mature buck hunter. 

On-site Scouting


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Other Services

In addition to our online courses, coaching services and useful tools, we also offer a variety of services to help you improve and maintain your property for all wildlife! 

Hunting Habitat Improvement Plans

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Food Plot and property management Services

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A different Kind of Consulting


My name is Thomas Mlsna. I am a habitat developer, and whitetail hunting coach. Yes, I said coach, not consultant...

I consult on current conditions, but I coach on the hunting side of things.


Why? Well, it is simple- deer hunting is not a business, it is an experience and a very personal one at that. A consultant's job is to sell you their opinion on what they feel is the best solution to your problem, then they move onto the next paycheck.

I have worked in the outdoor industry for over a decade as a customer service manager for a top-tier brand. I played a behind the scenes support role to some of the biggest names in the industry, and helped out tens of thousands of outdoor customers. During that time, I witnessed hundreds of situations where hunters paid for consulting, but were either still confused on strategies, or couldn't afford the time or money to carry out the provided plan. 

My coaching services offer something vastly different. Instead of telling you what I think is best, I work with you to help you understand everything, so you can decide what is best. Sometimes that is starting from scratch, as a new hunter, or it is taking a seasoned outdoorsman to the next level of whitetail success. 

I bring a unique perspective to the table, as my success came from hunting in situations where I had no control. It was through pure ambition, an untamed ambition, that I pushed through the resistance and found a way to consistently succeed. 

I want to help you skip the years of frustration that I did, and upgrade your knowledge and skill set so that you can have consistent success as well.



Derrick Lauren


I started talking with Thomas last summer, about a specific buck I was after. I have been hunting mature whitetails for 15 years, but Thomas opened my eyes to some new things to try and showed me that I was overlooking a possible bedding area that this buck could be using. I snuck into that bedding area one mid October morning and killed that specific buck about an hour later.

Thomas is a wealth of knowledge on killing big mature whitetails!

Anneliese Wilhelm


I am always trying to learn as much as I can about whitetails and bow hunting. Finding a mentor that is approachable, respectful and non-judgmental when you are just starting out can be intimidating . I consider Thomas one of my most respected hunting mentors. Thomas is personable, respectful and professional.  His knowledge was integral in helping me harvest my biggest buck to date. With his guidance I was able to study weather patterns, wind direction and pattern the movement of my target buck.

Chris Hamm 

Owner-HHA Sports, Inc.

Having known Thomas for close to 10 years through the outdoor industry, it was clear from Day 1 that he was a HARDCORE outdoorsman and above all else, a wonderful human being. Early on in our relationship, his obsession for world class whitetails became very evident. He would consistently harvest bucks that would be once-in-a-lifetime deer for the average hunter. His approach and the level of humility that he has maintained in spite of his success is something I truly respect about him in a day and age where big bucks are too often accompanied by big egos. If you are looking for someone to come up with a game plan that will put that elusive target buck on your wall each fall, Thomas Mlsna is the man for the job. Period. 

The Untamed Ambition is a brand epitomizing the drive it takes to overcome obstacles and achieve goals. We go the extra mile to help whitetail hunters of all skill levels. We teach new hunters how to hunt whitetails, and experienced hunters how to target mature whitetail bucks. We work with land owners, permission hunters and property lessees to create custom whitetail habitat solutions that work. We even work with public land hunters that are looking for an affordable hands-on education. 

We pride ourselves on quality information and communication with our clients. If you have any questions or unsure of what we can offer you, please call or email us!