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When it comes to hunting mature whitetails, "Wind is King", and there is no better way to monitor your wind and thermals than a fluffy white floater designed by mother nature herself. This USA-made, silicone squeeze-pouch can hold up to 5 milkweed pods' worth of wind checkers; more than enough for one season. It's low profile design and smooth finish make it completely silent and friendly for any pocket, be it your pants or bino-holder. 


Access to your air movement indicators is a simple squeeze away- no more fumbling with noisy bags or containers. After you release your "windicator" into the air, simply flip the pouch over and follow it with the "A". The embedded compass will help you keep your bearings, and track air movement in those preferred buck corridors. 


What makes it even better? How about free refills for life! Simply snag a milkweed pod in the fall and refill your holder after season! 

Refillable Windicator Wallet

SKU: WindChecker
Grey: Grey
  • This wind checker pouch is 100% USA made silicone. It is approximately 3 inches long, 2 inches wide and 1/2 inch thick.

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